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Skiing done right

Many people go for holidays at popular skiing resorts from about this time of year and all the way until March or April when the skiing season is officially over. All over Europe, from Northern Scandinavia all the way down to Italy and even Greece, there are various skiing resorts on snowy locations. The different places vary in popularity and also in pricing.

The Ibiza of the Alps

The most loved and probably at the same time the most expensive skiing resorts are those found in the French Alps, like Val Thorens. Skiing in Val Thorens is usually about more than skiing - a common nickname for this village is "the Ibiza of the Alps" which draws a clear picture. The person who wants to spend their days in snowy, tree-less slopes and their nights in loud nightclubs nedd to look no further.

Guidance to the best resorts

What you need to do to make your skiing holiday a really great experience is to carefully evaluate your needs and wishes; your budget; your company; and your timeline. Do you prioritize quality over more days in the snow? The perhaps you should make your skiing holiday short but sweet. If it is more important to stay away as long as possible, then search for cheap destinations and packages. 

If it is more important with natural beauty and family friendlyness, then Val Thorens is probably not a great choice, but there are so many other fantastic skiing destinations to explore. On freeride.com you can find great guidance.

16 Nov 2018